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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages can the book have?

This varies by company and by the type of paper used. Our vender Blurb offers ranges from 20 to 440 pages.

What do you charge for design work?

We will quote a fixed price for a basic custom book design, which includes minor alterations and minimal additions. A 40-page book with a custom cover design, and one to three designs for layout of images and captions can be quoted. Additional services are charge on an hourly basis.

What is the minimum print quantity?

Print-On-Demand companies have a minimum quantity of ONE, and often offer discounts for 10 or more.

How long does the printing take?

The printing takes five to eight business days. Shipping adds one to 10 days. Delivery with Blurb is usually between one and two weeks. Delivery is less if you pay for overnight shipping.

How many photos can I fit on a page?

There is no rule for how many photos we can fit on a page. On average we use 1 to 4 photos per page, fewer on the small books and more on the larger. The overall look and feel of your book should be the guide to how many photos you want on one page, not how many we can squeeze on one. In a large book as many as 9-12 photos can been squeezed onto a page.

What sort of quality can I expect from digitally printed books?

These books look very professional and are available in hard covers with bookstore quality printing and binding. However not all suppliers are created equal. We can help match your project to the best provider.

How are the books bound?

For full-color printing, styles include perfect binding (glued along the spine), linen case binding with printed dust jacket, and case binding with a printed and laminated wrap (pictured below top to bottom).

Can you edit my images?

Yes. A moderate amount of editing can be performed. If substantial image editing is needed we can coordinate this service for a charge.

What is the best way to deliver materials to you?

If you live in our area we can arrange a meeting to deliver materials. If you prefer, or if you live outside of the area....

- An option we recommend if you are comfortable with computers is to set up a “drop box” file that you can easily just drop the photos into. We will create this secure online workspace for quick, clear, and easy communication. Access can be given to any member of your family so that you can collaborate on the project from anywhere.

- You can send your content by post (snail-mail). Put digital images on a USB, CD or DVD. Pack this and your paper prints and mail to us.

- If your photos are on an online site (like Flickr) we can gather them directly from there.

- It can be that we decide that setting up a meeting is the best option. If you have a large amount of albums that require scanning I can come to your home for full service. Prepare by putting post-it notes in your album or slide tray with the photos you prioritize.

Where are you located?

We are a Swedish company. Where we are varies from season to season. Currently we are located in Boras, a city east of Gothenburg in Sweden. We are scheduled to be in USA (Seattle area) and Japan (Tokyo area) in the coming year. Contact us about when we might be in your area. No matter where we are and were you are, we are available to work with you.

Will you design for customers who live outside your area?

Yes. There are many ways we can make it work. We can hold meetings via SKYPE and exchange files in a number of simple ways. If you require personal consultation, or services outside our area* we can travel to your home. Travel expenses will be charged, including time, fuel or train/airfare and if applicable hotel.

What sort of privacy can I expect with my collection?

Your photos and documents are important and personal and will be treated with privacy. Any material you send to us is returned to you along with finished data files. We keep copies on our computer only as long as it takes to get your projects finished. When the work is done to your satisfaction all copies are deleted.

What about copyright?

You will be the copyright holder of the book. We will only do book design with material that you have copyright to or have gotten permission to use.

Each book should have a copyright page containing a copyright statement similar to the following:

Copyright (year) by the author of this book, [author's name]. The book author retains sole copyright to [his or her] contributions to this book.

To print photographs copyrighted by others in your book, permissions must be obtained from the copyright owners. In your book, for each borrowed photo, include a statement similar to this:

[photo description] courtesy of [copyright owner’s name]

If your book includes significant content from books or other sources, then you should reference each source. If you use actual quotes from any copyrighted sources, then you should cite the page numbers from that source.

Can I include professional photographer’s photos?

Does the copyright belong to the photographer? If so tell the photographer how the image is going to be used, they will give you a release form. We only use copyrighted photos/images if you have obtained permission for them.

What is an ISBN and do I need one?

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique number that identifies books published internationally. Your book does not need an ISBN unless you plan to market it through bookstores and book distributors. You do not need an ISBN to market your book through Blurb and other online publishing facilitators’ bookstores.

Do you provide color proofing?

Proofs are for layout and content purposes only. The pdf we sent will be in color but it is not calibrated for color proofing. Colors vary from monitor to monitor and from printer to printer. If you need a color proof there is an additional charge.

What if I have changes to the final printed book?

Before we send any books off to be printed you will have an opportunity to approve it. You will receive a digital proof (a PDF file) or a digital proof and a hard copy if you choose that option. Once you approve the layout and look of your book it goes to the printer and no changes/corrections can be made to that book. If you need our services for making new versions of the book we will quote you an hourly charge.

In what format should I send the text material for the book?

The manuscript should be typed into a program like Microsoft Word. It should be proofread by someone other than you. You may want to consider using an editor, particularly if the manuscript is lengthy. The text should be re-proofread until all corrections and edits are made. Once finalized, the text is ready to deliver to us as a Word document or text file, emailed as an attachment. If you make changes to the text after we begin the book it will add considerably to our time and you will be charged likewise.

What is the best resolution for images?

If you are providing images we prefer that you provide the largest image files you have, and allow us to crop and size for the final design. After reviewing your image files and discussing how you would like them to appear in the book, we will be able to recommend the best book size for your project. Images should be at least 300 ppi (pixels per inch) when cropped and sized for the book.

What file format is best for images?

JPG files.

What should I have ready for our initial conversation?

The more details you can provide the better. During our first discussion we will listen to your needs and ideas. Some of the questions we may ask:


· What kind of book would you like to create?

· Who is your audience?

· What is your timeline? Is there an important deadline that cannot be missed?

Tell us about your images

· We’ll want to see samples of your photos or at the very least have you describe your material.

· If possible have your digital images already gathered on a USB or CD and collect samples of the print photos or documents that you want to use. This way we can evaluate your images and prints and focus on the look of your book.

· About how many photos are you considering?

· Do your photos need some editing? For example have they lost color due to aging? Are there red eyes or dark shadows that need adjusting? For an accurate quote it is best to see a sample of your photos 

Tell us about your content

· Do you have a style or size you would prefer?

· Photos vs Text: Do you want just photos? Do you want mostly text, or photos with minimal text? Text and headings can be included giving a final personal touch to your book. If your book is a biography or family history book keep in mind that by including identifying captions you can increase the historical value.

· Later we will want to know if there are any of the photos that are extra important to you so that we highlight them.

How much help do you need and budget restrictions

· Are your photos digital or would you like us to scan them?

· Photo selecting: Will you select the photos or would you like us to select the best from your collection?

· Are your photos coming from a group of people as a collaborative project? Will you be gathering them or are we assisting with that?

· If submitting text are you sending finished (edited) text or do you need our assistance in writing text?

· Do you have documents you would like to include (handwritten poems, letters, recipes, certificates, art work)? Do you need help scanning these?

· Do you need additional photographs taken related to your theme? Do you need a photographer or will you arrange one?

That's it! Once the scope of the project is agreed, you will get a formal written quote. Contact us to get the conversation started.

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