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How much does it cost?

We are not the cheapest option.

The truth is our service is not the cheapest option. You can design your photo book for free using free software and order printing for reasonable fee. That is the cheapest option. But if you don’t have the time or expertise to make a book we offer services tailored to your needs. We have experience in designing books, developing content, coordinating book projects, and in delivering outstanding results. We make sure that every one of our photo books is of the highest quality.


Print-On-Demand Books - An Affordable Treasure

Personal photo books are an affordable reality. You can create and print just one copy of your own book from as little as 10.95 Eur / $12.95 / £6.95 from Blurb. No long print runs are necessary!  If downloading and learning new software doesn’t fit you or your schedule we can help. Our services are invoiced by the hour.  We create a book design that fits your content. Our services apply only to the first copy of the book. The cost for additional copies is just the printing costs, and they are very affordable!



If you have photos stuffed away in a box, forgotten or getting discolored in a photo album, or even worse, lost on your computer’s hard drive or still on your camera, then our services are for you!  We work with you to turn your life story, or any other story you can think up, into a custom designed coffee table style book that you can proudly show and treasure forever. 


So how much does it cost?

Each book is unique and the amount of help needed varies. Since the scope of each project varies greatly, we provide pricing on an individual basis. Price is influenced by the number and condition of your pictures, and the service options that you choose. Below you will find examples for what our design service costs. Rates will be quoted for the first copy of the book. After that price for all additional copies will be just the cost of printing. Discounts for 10 or more copies ordered at the same time.  Services will be charged at an hourly rate. Your chose the services that best suit your needs, time frame and budget.


What do I get for my money?

We prove personal services tailored to fit your needs and budget. We can assist with concept, design, layout, writing and editing. We can scan your prints, slides or negatives, and perform photo retouching to fix minor damage, exposure cropping, removing red eyes, etc. Look at our examples to see the difference editing can make. This is important for getting beautiful results!  

Some people select their own photos and others require assistance. If you wish you can hand us your shoe-box and we’ll transform it into something special. We can sort and organize your collection. If you need help selecting photos we will work with you to develop a flow that brings out the best in your story. A book is a work of art. Each page must hold its own but also balance with other pages.  Using your photographs, we will create a book that will read like a thousand words, finding aspects in images that add depth and character, laying out the images to flow from page to page.


Gift Voucher

If you are looking for the perfect present for family, friend, or colleague, you can provide them with a gift voucher for treasuring special times together. Contact us for information of how you can provide a unique and extraordinary gift to your dearest friend.

Let’s get the conversation going

We will gladly send you price examples for a basic book.  Once the book is designed you can have as many copies printed as you wish. What you pay for additional copies is only the printing price, which is very reasonable. You can order extra copies yourself without needing to contact us, unless you need our assistance.

We will not change the estimated price for basic layout. The quote you receive from us at the beginning of the project is exactly what you will pay at the end. Services beyond basic layout will be quote for an hourly rate. Should your need for services change during the process you will be given an updated quote.

Contact us for a quote. The best way to get started is to send us an email and we’ll get in touch with you so we can discuss your individual requirements. That will help us determine pricing, deadlines, and turn-around time.


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