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Custom book design

We design your custom book using your photos.
Every book is uniquely designed with care and attention to detail. The backgrounds, graphic details, colors and design elements used enhance your photos. They are carefully selected based on your photos and desired theme. We work with as much or as little input from you as you’re comfortable with.

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Photo selection

Possibly you don’t have the time to look through hundreds of photos and pick the best ones? Not a problem. Just hand us the shoeboxes or a memory stick and we will take it from there! Let us do it for you. Do you or your group have a large number of images from your event but no time? We can help you select the best photos and arrange them in a beautifully designed and bound photo book.

Organize photo collection 

Get out from under the tyranny of the shoebox and computer files. Photos collected over a life time can become overwhelming. Maybe you have boxes of printed photos and now have got a growing collection of pictures on your computer and you don't know what to do with them? Are the pictures you took on your last vacation or your children’s birthday parties collecting “digital dust” somewhere on your hard drive? Or worse yet, are they still on the memory card in your camera? Let us sort them out for you.
We will gather the family’s complete photo collection into a usable orderly system. We can create a way to make it easy for you to find photos, tagging photos with who is in them or where they are taken.  Think of us as your photo concierge.

Photo back up

How long has it been since you did a computer back up of your valuable photos? If you need this important safety routine done but just don’t have the time we can help you with this.

Gift Voucher

Looking for a unique present for family, friend, or colleague? You can provide them with a gift voucher for treasuring special times together. Your voucher can be for book making or any of our services. Contact us for information of how you can provide a unique and extraordinary gift to your dearest friend or family member.


We Scan Print Photos, Slides, Negatives and Documents. Overwhelmed by that shoebox?  It is overwhelming to see your pictures piled in shoeboxes.  We can help by scanning your prints, film negatives or slides. If you have heirloom glass plate negatives we can even arrange scanning of those. We can also scan important documents, recipes, certificates, newspaper clippings, birth announcements, wedding invitations, your family guestbook and artwork. We scan at high resolution which takes longer but gives better results so your material can be utilized for your book, slideshows or other photo projects.  Read more about scanning..

Label Your Collection

During scanning of your photos and documents your digital files can be labeled to help you find them later and increase their historical value.  Read more..

Coordinate Group Projects

Collaborative projects utilize the input of a group of family, friends, teammates or workmates. Consider collaborating if your theme is a sports team, a retirement or farewell party, graduation, significant birthday or other special event. We particularly recommend a collaborative process when creating a book honoring grandparents or a family chronicle. If you don’t have time to coordinate this we can do it for you. Read more

Photography Documentation of Homes and Items of Sentimental Value

Capture memories of your home, vacation home and objects of sentimental value.  We lovingly photograph your memorable objects, those with historical value, the spectacular as well as ordinary every day objects that have been used for a lifetime. We warmly recommend including artfully selected photographs of your objects that are related to the theme of your book. We specialize in family chronicles and see that lovingly taken photos of heirlooms that have been passed from generation to generation are an important part of these books. This service is especially valuable when a household is being dismantled, for example before moving or when downsizing a home or following the death of a loved one.  This service is different from “home styling” photography done when selling a home. It is about capturing the aspects of your home or life that have sentimental value.  See examples..

Converting and Organizing Film, Video and Audio Materials

Many valuable memories are hidden on reels of film, video cassettes and cassette tapes. These are a very important part of a photo collection. Individual photos can be captured from the frames in a film to be used in your projects. Before they can be used in your photo book these need to be converted to digital files. We coordinate the conversion process for you. Using suppliers that work efficiently we will arrange all the details and add the newly converted material to your digital collection, labeling or editing it if you require.

We help you use our photos in more ways…

Creating Slideshows or Videos

Your growing collection of photos, videos and other media that you have converted digitally can be easily transformed into short slideshows or films. The effort that went into selecting the “BEST” photos for your photo book can be easily converted to “moment makers”, short films that can shown at your special event.
For example at that birthday party or memorial service a 2-3 minute film with photos of the person you are honoring.  Utilizing photos, a few well chosen captions, meaningful music and your instructions a video can be created with a tone that is warm, emotional, appreciative, humorous or just plain loving.

Utilize Best Photos in More Ways

Your best images can be used in many fun and meaningful ways. In addition to creating books you can use the best of your photos to make personal thank you card, calendars, posters, aprons, wall art, coffee-mugs, and numerous other gifts items. We will source suppliers and coordinate your order for you.

We Help You Share Your Photos

Once you have scanned and organized your photos you will want to share them with family and friends. In addition to your custom book you can share photos in other way. We will take care of this for you or teach you how to do it yourself.

MEMORY STICK: Give your newly scanned collection to your grandchildren or friends on one small but powerful memory stick. Include the “outtakes”, the photos that didn’t make it into the book but that are still filled with memories for your family. In addition you can include those videos and cassette tapes that are filling up your shelves and have been converted to digital media. We can take care of this for you, even wrapping them in gift boxes that you can give as a special gift. Pass on your valuable collection to the next generation.  If you prefer to do this yourself we will give you a tutorial on how to painlessly get this done from your computer.

WEBSITE: Uploading photos or films to your family or organizations website. If you have don’t have one we can set up a web album for you to share with family or your group. If you already have Social Media sites like Flickr, YouTube or Facebook we’ll give you a variety of clips, links and widgets to use. Impress your grandchildren by uploading photos, widgets and films to their “playground”. You can choose the level of privacy that you want, sharing only with your family or friends or with the whole world.

Tutorials - Teaching

We can teach you how to make your own book, scan or improve your pictures as well as organize and utilize your growing digital photography collection.

Bookmaking Tutorial
We can teach you how to make a photo book yourself. We can come to your home, set up the software on your computer and get you started. We can teach you the basics and return at a later date to solve any concerns and give advice before you press the “order” button for your book. Once you’ve learned you’ll be able to make many more books.

Scanning Tutorial
If you have volumes of photos and time available we can teach you how to scan them by yourself as well as how to organize them so they become useful for projects like books and slideshow presentations. We’ll arrange purchase of a scanner and get it all set up for you if you need help with that.

Photos – Learn How to Download, Improve, Organize and Utilize Your Photos
If you have a new digital camera and need help in transferring these to your computer we’ll teach you how to do this. You’ll learn how to improve your pictures using free software, including fixing red eyes, cropping, and adjusting for under and over exposure or shadows. You’ll enjoy using new free face recognition tools! We’ll teach you simple ways to keep your photos organized so you can find them when you need them. We will set up a simple system that you can easily use yourself. We’ll get you starting using your photos in lots of fun ways, teaching you ways you can share them with family and friends.

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