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Collaborative projects utilize the input of a group. Consider collaborating if your theme is a sports team, a retirement or farewell party, graduation, significant birthday or other special event. We particularly recommend a collaborative process when creating a book honoring grandparents or a family chronicle.



Make it work! If you are considering a collaborative photo book here are some recommendations for smooth and successful flow.


Spread the workload. Solicit help from family or friends (from those who keep a secret, if the book is a surprise). Clearly identify which person will do each task.


Gathering photos: Ask everyone to contribute. There are several internet tools to facilitate gathering photos from a group. We can provide suggestions and detailed information you need to give to your group.


Set budget and limit number of photos. If your group will want multiple copies of the book confirm the price range they will be willing to pay per book. Based on the number and quality of photos your group has gathered select the number of pages that fits your budget.


Select the photos Select the best photos and organize them into a story. If you are short on time or inspiration we can do this part for you. If you are utilizing our services to select the photos we will give you a review copy so you can submit captions.


Write appropriate text. Write photo captions and the contents of text-only pages. Spell-check the text and submit.


Include handwritten greetings. Distribute paper that your team can write handwritten messages on. Scan those in and submit. Or add blank pages that can be signed at your special event by party-goers or team members.


Final Proofing Ask a member of your group to do a final proofing before you approve the book. 


Order copies for everyone: Order one copy to be used to show your team so they see the finished result, then start taking orders for more! If you order for the whole group you can take advantage of discounts (10 or more). If you don’t want to be involved in gathering funds you can distribute a link where people can order the book individually. That way you don’t have to do any administration.



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